Get Ready To Discover the World with the Traveller Connor Addis
The life in the world is one of the greatest gifts of the Almighty. The beauty of life lies in leaving every single moment and enjoying every bit of it. The time once passed can never come back so it is better to forget the past, live in the present and make your future worth. Living life just as the millions do is not a big deal. It becomes more worthy when you succeed in becoming the source of inspiration to others in the world.

Like other industries, there are a number of celebrities also in the travel industry. There are many living inspiration while some have become the past. Our life indeed is a long journey that every single human being needs to cover within the offered stipulated time. Among the few globally famous travellers, the name of Connor Addis is in limelight from a good amount of time. He is a young, keen and passionate traveller who is found busy in discovering the world around us.

Know More about the Traveller Connor Addis
From the early childhood days, he had developed strong interest in travelling from one place to another. Connor Addis liked gathering different type of the information about the places he used to visit from time to time. He is from UK and a passionate traveller.

He used to keep trying to grab the opportunity to travel. He used to share his experiences, interesting facts about the places he travelled supported by excellent quality of photographs. He also had interest in photography. Over the time Connor Addis emerged as one of the most followed and loved Traveler and Photographer.

At a very early age he started his endless journey with the core aim of discovering the wonderful world. Today he is followed by the millions of lovers. You can keep reading and following him on the varied social networking platforms. Simultaneously, you can also visit ‘Connor Addis Travel Blog’ – his personal blog to know his travel plans.

You will come across huge collection of eye-catching photographs depicting the interesting facts, history, beauty, features of the different places he had already covered in his long journey. Today, Connor Addis has become the living source of inspiration to many young travelers across the globe.

A Brief on Connor Addis Travel Plans
If you are passionate about traveling and love to follow your young traveling star Connor Addis, keep yourself updated with his future traveling plans. It will certainly help you stay updated and gather the latest information, photographs and noteworthy facts about the varied regions you desired to discover.

He is in Toronto (Canada) these days. He will be moving to Poland and from there he will be making backpacking trip to the world’s largest continent Asia. He will begin his adventurous trajectory in Thailand and move to Laos via Vietnam.

He will return to Thailand and from there he will continue his incessant trip to Malaysia and Singapore. He is full of high energy and nothing can stop him fulfilling his dream of becoming the most famous traveler in the world.

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