Bomb Disposal Team called to Barrow Home

A Bomb Disposal team has been called to a home in Barrow after a man found what is believed to be an unexploded device.

A Cumbria Police spokesperson said: "A member of the public found what we believe to be ordnance on Birkrigg Common and brought it home.

"Once he realised what it may be, he contacted the police.

"We have sought advice from Bomb Disposal who are on the way to recover it. They are are due about 8pm.

"There is at this time no requirement for anyone to be evacuated."

UPDATE 8.07PM: Police say the ordnance that was taken to Ormsgill has been examined and is a live item. Bomb disposal will remove it to a safe place and will detonate it during the daylight hours on Thursday. Police will remain with it until then.

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