New pool table for Barrow YouthAbility group

YouthAbility were presented with a  fabulous new pool table for their Barrow centre this week.

Colin Firth, the chairman of  Friends of Adventures Youth Club (FAYC), presented the table to the excited group. The table also doubles up as a dining table. It is much lower than a standard table, which will allow wheelchair users to use it.

The table was purchased by the Friends of the Adventures Youth Club (FAYC) This is a group of parents and volunteers that actively fundraise for the youth service by holding a variety of fundraising events throughout the year.  
Les McLeese, Team Leader & Centre Manager, said “YouthAbility Barrow is an inclusive youth service for young people with all abilities from the ages of 8 -40 years old. Our aim is to work closely with these young people to build their social and emotional development. This is done through a variety of tools such as life skill programs and one to one sessions.  Generic activities such as playing pool teach the young people the basic skills as they learn how to interact with other young people, understand rules, hand to eye co-ordination as well as learning how to cope with not always winning at things."
“Playing pool is one of the most popular activities that we have on offer at YouthAbility and brings all young people together as one."

"Most pool tables are not accessible for everyone, and as an inclusive group we always look at ways that we can adapt or make our activities accessible to all. It was highlighted that our current pool table was too high for wheelchair users,  and also that they were unable to be positioned underneath the dining table."
“After a bit of research we found a table that was lower and designed as a dining room table. This enabled our young people in wheelchairs to be able to get their chairs under the table.

This is an exciting new piece of equipment for YouthAbility that will be used by hundreds of young people on a weekly basis and we would like to thank all 52 people that took part in the K2B and C2B for us this year that made this possible."
"We have seen an accessible pool cue that we have been trying to purchase from America, but if there is any budding designers in the local area that would be able to help, we would really appreciate it. We have a basic idea of how the cue needs to look."
If anyone is interested in joining the fundraising group or joining the k2b teams in 2019 please get in touch with Les:

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