Medals galore for beautiful Bailey and his best friend Maria

A Barrow teenager who nursed her poorly horse back to good health swept the board at a recent equine awards event.

Maria Guselli and Bailey have been inseparable since she acquired him aged four when she was just 13 and when he was seriously ill last year she lay with him in his stable.
The 18-year-old -who wants to be a veterinary nurse took Bailey on when he was still “unbroken” and trained him herself.
Last year they won 13 cups at Pony Club and last month at Ulverston Equine Club she was crowned the over-18s champion and the champion of champions.
The Barrow horse and rider also also represented the Ulverston club at Aintree where they came sixth out of 60 UK clubs, where Maria said it was an honour to participate.
Maria explained how she became involved with Bailey.
She said: “I helped out at a field on Carr Lane, Walney and initially Bailey was on loan to the people who had the field.
However, the lady who owned him was going to sell him so we bought him when I was 13 and he was just four. He was really wild and untrained so we started to learn together and in 2015 we were ready to start entering competitions locally.
Eventually we got our own horse box and travelled to a few competitions further afield in Preston, Accrington, Widnes and Carlisle.
“In our first year at Pony Club we won 13 cups from best sportsmanship, working hunter to equitation.
“This year we won the over 18s champion of champions with Bailey at the Ulverston Equine Club. It has been another busy year enjoying and competing in the two local clubs where there is wonderful camaraderie between all riders.
“I have also been training horses for friends: something I very much enjoy doing.
“It’s amazing how well we have done this year this year because in 2017 Bailey became really ill with Colic: something that can kill horses. He was really poorly and rushed to the Liverpool horse hospital after developing gastric ulcers of the highest grade and an inflamed bowel disease.
“He was so ill one night I slept with him in his stable.”
Thankfully through the wonderful care of all at the hospital he is fully recovered and thankfully no recurrence of the problems.
Maria has just finished her A Levels at Barrow Sixth Form and hopes to now find a job or a training course so she can follow her dream of becoming a veterinary nurse.
The teenager added: “I’m so proud of myself and Bailey and all we have managed to do together so far, especially after he was so ill last year.
“He wasn’t ready trained when I got him so we have worked hard together to get him to this standard. He is an amazing animal and we have a lot more planned for the future.”
Maria’s dad, former Barrow and Cumbria Councillor, Ray Guselli thinks she has done so well and together they have achieved so much.
He said: “I’m very proud and amazed at how committed Maria has been to train and care for Bailey."

“They have a wonderful bond, which people do recognise and often comment on. A lot of time and effort is put in by the whole family enabling Maria and Bailey to develop their partnership, because at the end of the day it is not about them winning competitions, but being together and caring for each other."
“I would like to say a big thanks to all who have supported them, especially The Pony Club, Ulverston and District Equine Club and Seaview Riding School who support not only Maria but many riders: and of course all friends who are there whenever asked to help.”

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