Can you help Dalton Creatives to find members of the Heys Family?

Can you help Dalton Creatives find members of the Heys family or of any Women’s Associations?

Dalton Creatives have in their possession a scrapbook full of newspaper cuttings about Dalton resident Miss Heys, a member of the Dalton branch of the Unionist Women’s Association and a prize-winning public speaker in the 1930s.
They are in the process of researching and writing a radio play based on the scrapbook and women’s public life in the 1930’s. We are looking for relatives of Miss Heys and women that were members of Women’s Associations.

The finished play written with playwright Kate Davis will be broadcast on CandoFM in January 2019.
Shaun Blezard, Artistic Director of Dalton Creatives said “This is such a fantastic document to be working with, and to be working with two such talented women as Karen and Kate we are very excited about the Speaking Out project.

The period covered is a fascinating period for women in public life as women had won full equal voting rights in the Representation of the People (Equal Franchise) Act in 1928. We will explore the changes to public life that suffrage presented to women and explore the local Women’s Association movement. We are looking for volunteers to research, produce and record an original radio play, to be broadcast on community radio station CandoFM.
Shaun said “We are looking for individuals who were involved in Women’s Associations and we are trying to track down relatives of Miss Heys. It would be lovely to sit down and show them the scrapbook before we pass it onto the local archive for safe keeping.’

The play will look at women’s standing in public life, how suffrage changed their lives and how Women’s Associations impacted on local life. The play will be written and produced by the community with help from playwright and poet Kate Davis, and sound recordist Shaun Blezard.

If you have any details or want to get involved, please contact Karen Carberry by email or phone 07716 494245

You can see the digital version of the scrapbook here

The project was funded by Heritage Lottery Fund

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