Burglars stole children's Christmas presents whilst homeowners slept upstairs

Burglars stole children's Christmas presents and electronic devices worth £1,000 after breaking into a house while a couple slept.

It happened between 2am and 5am today (Nov 29) in Lorne Road, Barrow, and the family are desperate for the community’s help in tracking down the stolen items.

The thieves broke in through a window and then opened the door from the inside to escape with wrapped Christmas presents, phones, laptops, tablets and cameras.

They are still discovering other items that have been stolen.

Furness General Hospital Nurse Kayleigh Stevenson said her step dad and mum Lesley Stevenson-Hill have been left devastated and totally violated by what has happened.

Kayleigh said: “Please can I ask everyone to keep their eyes open for anyone selling various phones, tablets, laptops and children's toys. These low life scum have taken everything. All the kids Christmas presents.

“Anyone who may be selling things that's out of character can you please let me know. These laptops have years of pictures of my baby and my niece. Please be vigilant.

“They took all the kids Christmas presents that these scum took were all wrapped. Absolutely disgusted to say the least.

“Over £1000 taken, phones laptops, tablets cameras and still finding things missing. They had enough why take children's Christmas presents. My mum and step dad are in such a state feeling violated her OWN HOME.

“Vile disgusting low life pieces that probably won't have any problems in doing what they have done to a family.

“I hope they rot. These scumbags won't have a problem in showing how flush they are now.”

If you have any information please contact Cumbria police on 101.

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