BREAKING NEWS: Furness General Hopital on lockdown after "gunman" seen outside

Reports coming in that Furness General Hospital has been locked down due to a "gunman" seen outside. 

HuddleHub has contacted Cumbria Police and Furness General Hospital to confirm the situation.

Members of the general public and FGH staff are taking to Facebook to say the hospital has been locked and no one is allowed in or out. 

UPDATE 13:25: FGH staff have confirmed that the hospital is in lockdown. 

UPDATE 13.37: Furness General Hospital have contacted HuddleHub and asked us to contact Cumbria Police for details of the situation. 

UPDATE 13:42: Several people have been in touch to say the lockdown has been lifted.

UPDATE: 13.57: Reply received from Cumbria Police: "We will be putting out a statement shortly clarifying the situation."

UPDATE 14.07: Police were called at 12.21pm today following a report of a man seen in a field near Furness General Hospital with a suspected air weapon.

A full search of the area has been carried out and nothing suspicious has been found.

Police would like to reassure people there is no perceived risk to the public at this time.

The lockdown has been lifted and the hospital is open as usual.


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