‘There But Not There’, a WW1 Centenary Armistice Installation in Barrow Town Hall

Barrow Borough Council has organised a commemorative event to mark the Centenary of the Armistice.

This will be in the form of a "There but not there" installation in the Town Hall, (open to the public) in the two weeks leading up to Remembrance Sunday.

The display will be open from 11am until 3pm on Monday 29th and 10am until 3pm each weekday thereafter.

In the Great War, almost 200 employees of the Corporation of Barrow in Furness; men and women alike, enlisted, volunteered and were conscripted into every branch of the services.

The Army, the Navy, the Flying Corps, the Nursing Corps, the Labour Corps and Munitions work. Sadly, 27 of these made the supreme sacrifice.

The Council will display 27 lifesize transparent silhouettes to represent these brave men. Many were natives of the Borough, others came to the Borough and made their homes here.

Hopefully they will represent the sacrifices made by so many families throughout the Borough at that time.

All 27 have been thoroughly researched them and a short biography of each of them is written in a commemorative pamphlet which visitors will be given.

There will also be a book of remembrance for the public to add their reflections.

The Council is very grateful for the assistance of the ex-service association members who are providing stewards for the whole two weeks.



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