Barrow mum tells X Factor judge Robbie Williams she named her son after him

A mum-of-six met her X-Factor pop idol at the weekend and told the star how she had named her 12-year-old son Robbie William Nevinson after him.

Sarah Casson, a self-employed Harmony UK nail technician and educator - was working on the show when she spotted Robbie sat in his judging chair and thought to herself “it’s now or never” before shouting the former Take That member’s name and telling him the mini Robbie tale.

The 44-year-old, who is based at Coco on Dalton Road, Barrow, explained: “I was pregnant and due to go and see Robbie Williams in concert but I was ill during my pregnancy and my then partner said I wasn't allowed to go. So, I said to him if that was the case I was going to call my baby Robbie William and I did!”

Last week Sarah answered a Facebook call asking if anyone in the Harmony UK group fancied doing the X-Factor contestant’s nails for Saturday’s first live final in London and jumped at the chance.

She and her hubby set off from Barrow at 4am on Friday and arrived in the capital at 10.30am before heading to the studios on the outskirts of London.
She explained: “The studio looks massive of the TV but in real life its smaller than The Forum. The contestants are only allowed two tickets each for family and friends.

“After doing Janice Robinson’s nails I was doing the choir’s and I told them about how I had named my son after their mentor Robbie. They told me to tell him but it wasn’t until later I got that chance.

“I was walking across the studio and he was sat in his judge’s chair so I just thought ‘it’s now or never’ and  shouted him and he turned around. He was my heartthrob in Take That and has been ever since.

“He jumped out of his chair and came over and I explained I wasn’t a crazy stalker woman and told him the story. He asked about my Robbie and was just so lovely. He seemed really chuffed about him being named after him. He was so down to earth. It was amazing to meet him.

“I’m hoping to go down again over the course of the series because it really was an amazing experience.”

Sarah trained as an educator for Harmony this year and will be running a Harmony Nail Academy from Coco from January.

Sarah added: “It means budding nail technicians can receive a higher level of education locally using acrylic, sculptured acrylic and gelish plus and polygel plus nail art.”

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