Dog walker fined £15 for letting dog off lead by fake dog warden

A fake dog warden demanded cash off a walker for letting his pooch off his lead.

The male handed over £15 believing the man was a council official.

Dog walkers across west and south Cumbria are warned to be on their guard in case he strikes again.

Copeland Borough Council said the man was walking his dog in North Shore, Whitehaven, at the weekend when he was approached by a ab claiming to work for the council.

He demanded an upfront payment of £15 for letting his dog off the lead.

The dog walker believed the man was genuine and handed over the cash.

A council spokesperson said: “We would like to categorically confirm that this person did not work for Copeland Council and was acting illegally. If we issue a fine - or a fixed penalty notice - we do so in writing and would never ask for cash upfront. Additionally, all our enforcement personnel wear identification, so please ask to see their identification if you are in any doubt.

“If you are approached by anyone alleging to work for Copeland Council who issues a fine and asks for payment upfront, or will not show you the appropriate identification, please report the matter to us on 01946 598300.”

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