Cinderella to bring a touch of magic to Barrow this Christmas

After last year’s record-breaking production of Peter Pan, Shone Productions is back with your next Christmas obsession.

Everyone knows the tale of Cinderella, and a fantastic group of quality actors will be headed to Barrow for a fun-filled night of joy and enthusiasm.

In the titular role, local star Emily Dodd wants to capture the princess’s humility, positivity and her love of fun. The Barrow-born beauty was so passionate about the role, she contacted Managing Director of Shone Production, James Shone, and asked to audition. Dodd’s tenacity is evidently key to her success, having started at Deemon Performance Academy before heading off to Drama School in Guildford. Dodd isn’t shy in admitting that part of her passion for the role is because she will be returning to her hometown for a month throughout its run. ‘I’m here in November to see Starlight Express but it will be great to stay for more than a few days and I know my Grandma is really excited to have me back.’

No pantomime is complete without the Prince, and Cameron Patmore is more than suited for the job. He graduated last July from Liverpool Theatre School College, where he trained in musical theatre for three years. Unlike the bland character from Disney, Patmore’s Prince Charming is a star in his own right. ‘He has his own personality, and James [Shone] has given me a lot of direction to play him…I think it’s going to be the traditional story, but with a few twists and turns. There’s a mixture of characters. ’

Samuel Wearing and Bill Sharpe, who will play Dandini and Buttons are ecstatic to be in Barrow, as they can use the time to visit family. Wearing, who is currently a second-year student at Laine Theatre Arts is already causing buzz before he’s graduated. ‘It’s a really great cast and I love being able to learn about it all with everyone.’ In 2016, Wearing won the ‘Rising Star’ Award at the West End Wilma Awards and he is delighted to get away from London and make is professional debut in Barrow. 

Sharpe too will be visiting family in Barrow as his usual gig as a comedy magician/illusionist has him touring the country with his fiancée. An all-round entertainer, Sharpe’s enthusiasm for comedy is clear as he bounds into the room and performs a few questionable ballet stretches before offering his thoughts on acting. ‘I do it for the love, I don’t even get nervous and I love when kids get to see their parents joining in. There is something for everyone.’

The commanding presence in the room is that of the Wicked Step-sisters played by Hugh O’Donnell and Aaron Alexander. With a contour that cut through cloth like the sword in The Bodyguard and ballooned bosoms that actually made me a little jealous, the sisters are convinced they are the heroes of the tale.  ‘It’s really about two beautiful women who get done over by an ungrateful teenager.’ The two bounce off each-other, and there is nothing to do but sit and watch as they re-enact what could easily be any of us after a few bevvies, talking about Stacy from work. ‘She moans. She doesn’t want to sweep. All she wants is to party.’ No one is safe against the duo of dynamic dialogue and they make me wish I could be a wicked step-sister. If you want to follow their anti-Cinderella shenanigans you can find them on @wehatecinders on Instagram.

The pantomime is fresher than before with spectacular SFX and an amazing script. With intense rehearsals ahead and an impressive list of achievements amongst them, the cast and crew hope they can build on the success of last year.

Cinderella and Prince Charming rolled into Barrow in style this morning for the Christmas Panto launch day.

Kids from Furness Day Care gave Cinderella and Prince Charming a warm welcome in the Forum's entrance. The toddlers were then delighted to meet the rest of the cast and get their photos taken. 

If the lure of a great night out for everyone, even teenagers and couples isn’t enough to entice you into a night at the theatre, the stars will also be at stage door after the shows – so you’re little ones can snap a few pictures with the Prince and Princess. Book your tickets now to see the most magical pantomime of all - you’ll have a ball.

Call the box office on 01229 820000 or click here to book online


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