Brother raises funds for sisters life saving watch

A loving brother wants to help his 28-year-old sister live a better life after a severe epilepsy seizure saw her rushed into intensive care.
Sophie Ravetta’s health has severely deteriorated in the last 12-months and she has been admitted to hospital three times with multiple seizures.
She has now been placed in a very high category risk for SUDEP (Sudden Unexplained Death In Epilepsy) which not only has this been a major shock to Sophie but also her Barrow family.
They want to raise money to buy Sophie an Embrace watch for early seizure detection features will give Ben, his family and caregivers to respond quickly and could potentially save her life.
The Alert App notifies your Caregivers through an automated SMS (text message) and phone call when Embrace detects a convulsive seizure.
Her big brother, professional photographer Ben Ravetta, aged 30, explained: “She lives in constant fear of going out or being alone and avoids situations where she has previously gone into seizure.

“We now carry a rescue drug for her in the event she goes into seizure, we can hopefully have it under control within a short period of time. Like many epileptic people, the stress and anxiety of living with Epilepsy and the "unknown" of when or if it might happen is extremely draining and often, like Sophie, sufferers need counselling to help them deal with having epilepsy.

“Epilepsy is a seriously debilitating and lifelong illness, and cannot be cured - but it can be made easier to live with and it is manageable with lifestyle changes and medication. The Embrace watch's early seizure detection features will give me, my family and caregivers precursors to respond to in the event an epileptic episode arrives and will give Sophie and ourselves greater peace of mind and allow us to respond quicker and will potentially save her life.

“Any donations will be greatly received, the amount needed for the wearable is £210 but with shipping from America and other associated costs, I have rounded this up to £250 - any change left over will be donated to a charity on behalf of everybody who donated.”

If you want to help Sophie and her family buy a life-saving watch then click and donate here  


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