Cooper worked 'Hardy' and got his dream job

Matthew Cooper, 24, from Barrow has landed his dream job in Ulverston after years of idolising Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy.

The Ulverston born comedian Stan Laurel, has been immortalised in the Laurel and Hardy Museum in his hometown and Matthew has always aspired to be just like him.

"My Grandad first showed me and my brother Laurel and Hardy's films when I was 6 years old, and that's when my passion began. I loved them instantly. The first film I saw was Way Out West (1937)" said Matthew. 

The Museum is a staple for Ulverston culture and housed in the beautiful art deco Roxy Cinema Complex. The museum has grown in popularity over the years and is sure to inspire many other children as it did Matthew. "I first visited the museum when I was 7, and for me it was like going to Disneyland... and it was right on my doorstep."

Matthew studied Film Production at Kendal College, and for his final project, was asked to create documentary about something he was incredibly passionate about. Naturally, he was immediately drawn to Laurel and Hardy.

"It was my teacher Simon Sylvester who suggested that I go and visit the museum, and see if there's anyone there who's willing to be interviewed. So I went there, and talked to Mark. Set up a time to interview him, and made the documentary. Not many people interview their boss to get a job! But the more we got talking, the more we became friends. A couple of months after the film course finished, I was working at the museum. At first it was volunteer work, but later became paid work."

"It's really the best job in the world, and I absolutely love going there every week. I guess my favourite thing about working there is simply meeting different people from around the world who are Laurel and Hardy fans. It's particularly lovely to see kids laughing their heads off too. It's a great reminder at just how timeless their humour is. It's even better when there's customers - from any age group - who come in, and aren't particularly enthusiastic. But when they sit down and watch those films, they can't help but love them. I love converting people into being Laurel and Hardy fans!"

After working hard at Kendal College and dedicating himself to the museum for years, it is no surprise he was snapped up. Matthew’s story just goes to show that if you put in the effort and you really care about something…it will pay off.

Congratulations Matthew, you deserve it. 


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