Local rescue teams still helping firefighters battle major moorland fires in Manchester

Local rescue teams are still  working tirelessly alongside firefighters tackling the Manchester moorland blazes.

On Friday, Furness Coastguards were working tirelessly  to help Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, along with numerous other fire services from across the country, with the major incident at Winter Hill, Lancashire.

Furness officers, as well as Lytham Coastguards, assisted with a massive logistical operation to deliver vital hoses, pumps and lances onto the moor, as well as damping down small pockets of moorland that kept igniting.

They used their specialist ATV Argocats and Yamaha Viking for transport.
A spokesperson said: “A massive well done to all emergency services assisting in this operation as well as the Salvation Army for their catering services. The amount of food and water donated by businesses all over the northwest is truly fantastic and well needed.
“Words fail at a time like this when witnessing the devastating destruction, but the sheer strength and willpower being displayed by all branches of the emergency services is heartwarming and extremely uplifting.

Bay Search and Rescue’s Volunteers started assisting Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue with their  trained Wildfire Hagglund Drivers last month, and since then have worked non-stop for hundreds of hours -  day and night.

Station Officer Gary Parsons said: “We have delivered 100,000s of  litres of water, dozens of firefighters and length after length of fire hose, to some extremely inaccessible areas, in the most arid dusty and hostile conditions.

“We were tasked to Winter Hill, only to discover that we had suffered damage to two of our tracks on the Hagglund. So we loaded up and headed back to our fleet workshops to change them, not a task we relished in this heat. However, the situation on the fireground is serious so we don’t stop.

“New tracks are three grand each and we had planned to fit the ones we have to another Hagg we are refurbishing, but this need is greater, so on they go.”

Bay Search and Rescue is a registered charity, who save lives, protect property and make our community a safer place.

If you are considering supporting a worthwhile organisation they need all the help they can get to keep providing their amazing service.

The Bay team volunteers have also been working alongside Oldham Mountain Rescue Team and The Salvation Army to deliver thousands of litres of water up on to Saddleworth Moor firefighters tackling the blaze and the damping down process.

Bay Search and Rescue have been involved in many wildfires in Cumbria and Lancashire over a number of years, assisting with our fleet of Hagglund All Terrain Rescue Vehicles.

BSAR’s Station Officer Gary Parsons said “the team of volunteers from BSAR are working all day and into the night in horrible and extremely hot conditions“

“They are a fantastic team doing an incredible job”

To donate to the charity please head to baysearchandrescue.org.uk

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