Motorists flock to busy Speed of Sound showroom in Barrow for car customisation

Furness motorists flock to busy Hindpool showroom, as demand for customised cars catches on.

When Darren McBryde started working for speed of sound in 2002, little did he think he would eventually be the owner of this unique and successful business.

Darren born in Barrow-in-Furness, and his wife Sarah who live locally and run the busy showroom together, with Darren dealing with the technology and installation side of the business, and Sarah taking care of the administration work.  Speed of Sound plan to keep right up to date with the ever-changing technology and products available, and to ultimately make the motorists driving experience more enjoyable. 
Darren said: "I thoroughly enjoyed the job and so in 2011 I decided to take over the business myself.  Speed of Sound offers something a little different for motorists. Offering good customer service, advice and support is our main objective and with the way technology is evolving we have up to the minute solutions for most motorists. I enjoy running my own business because I enjoy a challenge, and being my own boss means I can make decisions there and then, it’s good knowing that everything that has been achieved is down to myself."
See the below photos as Speed of Sound proudly show off their new demo car, a 2009 Ford Focus ST, which has been upgraded with the latest technology.

An enthusiastic Darren said: "The  Alpine head unit has car play and Android Auto which enables the driver to play any music from their phone, whether downloaded to the phone or through Spotify, Amazon or Google.  This unit also comes with full satellite navigation features and Blue Tooth connectivity for phone calls and messaging.

"All the speakers have been upgraded to Focal 6.5" components front and rear and an 8" sub woofer added in a custom built box. This focus has no ordinary boot, when you open it up you see a nice custom installation, subtle but eye catching. simple and affordable.  The centre piece of the boot is the back lit perspex, designed and made by Graphixsigns of Barrow who have also designed and overseen the exterior graphics of the car, consisting of logos and brands to make it stand out. Graphixsigns supply us with all  of our promotional merchandise.  Sound proofing has been fitted to all doors, rear panels and floor, this provides better sound dispersion and eliminates road noise.

“The audio system is run by an Alpine 5 channel amplifier supported by a 5 Farad power cap and a dry cell battery, this gives optimum performance for the sound and the vehicle electrics.  we have also added a reversing camera which is linked up to the Alpine screen and to a replacement rear view mirror which offers a crystal clear and safer view for reversing day or night. With the help and advice from Optimum Tuning of Ulverston, this car has had a stage 1 re-map and an air-tech intercooler to optimise the cars performance.

"The Focus has also been fitted with interior and exterior lighting consisting of LED door mirror lighting, day running lights, door puddle lights with the Ford logo and in the interior LED lighting in the door handles and ambient floor lighting with a choice of any colour and sound to music feature supplied through Lumier of Barrow. All of these modifications can be returned to standard at any point.

“Our main purpose for modifying this car is to show the difference in the audio system from standard to after modifying.  It enables customers to see and hear what's achievable before deciding what they would like and to show what options are available.”

Speed of Sound will be presenting it’s car at this year’s E.S.P.C.C show, so come along and see us, or pop into the store on Hindpool Road, Barrow, to find out more.


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