Safari Zoo inspection team unanimous in considering that licence be granted to CZCL

Cumbria Zoo Company Ltd have received the report for their Licence Inspection.

The licence inspection took place at the Safari Zoo on the 13th & 14th March 2017. 

The inspection is part of the process for CZCL to obtain their own licence.

In the report it states that: "Throughout the period, November 2015 to March 2017, the inspectors have taken great pains to show that, in their opinion, it was David Gill and his style of management that was the root cause of the problems in this zoo, and not the keepers and staff who worked for him."

In the report of November 2015 inspection the inspectors wrote: "The inspectors note and comment the overall evident hard work and dedication of the keeping staff and administration team."

In the report for the inspection in May 2016 the inspectors wrote: "The inspectors were impressed with, and grateful for, the co-operative approach the staff, and the evident progress that has been made in many areas since the last inspection, including the appointment of a new animal manager. They were particularly impressed with the highly motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic keeping staff, and the evident desire of the staff and management team to move forward an develop and progress the zoo following the previous inspection. The inspectors recognise the many very positive aspects of the zoo and the public's experience."

The inspectors opinion: "The staff are fiercely loyal, hardworking and dedicated. In our opinion this appears to be due to a deep affection and loyalty for the zoo itself and its animals, and the service it provides to the local community. 

As is common practice at the end of a zoo licensing inspection, the inspection team, made up of Professor A Meredith, N Jackson and Dr M Brash, (with A Chapman, and G Barker in attendance on behalf of the LA), met to discuss the inspectors findings. 

The inspectors agreed that they had noted considerable improvements, and that a licence could be granted to CZCL.

Conclusion of the report:

The Secretary of State’s nominated inspectors, supported by the Local Authority veterinary advisor, are confident that the present management and staffing structure has raised standards in the Zoo sufficiently to meet Section 10 of the Secretary of State’s Standards of Modern Zoo Practice.

This, in conjunction with the key, fundamental change of the departure of Mr David Gill from any practical involvement in running the Zoo, means that it is our opinion that for all practical purposes the main aims of Condition 34 have been sufficiently met for the LA to consider that a licence could be granted to CZCL.

To quote the Zoo consultant:

‘it is as if the blinds have been lifted up, and sunlight is now pouring into the room’

At the March inspection, the whole inspection team were unanimous in considering that a new licence could be issued to CZCL based on the standards presented on that day.

The full report can be seen here: 

Karen Brewer, CEO of CZCL said: "This is just a step along the process but it is encouraging that inspectors have recognised the incredible work and effort made by all the team. A team who have worked tremendously hard with enthusiasm under incredible strain, and who have pulled together because we all believe in this, and as someone said this week we are like a family."

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