Pete's political dilemma following Theresa May calling snap election

On Tuesday the 18th of April prime minister Theresa May shocked the country by calling a snap election, to be held on the 8th of June.

It's hard to argue with her reasoning for this and I welcome the opportunity for the British Public to have its say on whom should be leading the Brexit negotiations over the coming months and years. 
My primary concern is Barrow and Furness though.  Here’s why.
It will be a two horse race between Labour and the Conservatives. On one side John Woodcock, on the other Simon Fell.
Simon Fell stood for election in 2015, and managed to reduce the majority Labour enjoyed to a mere 700 odd. Furness is now possibly as marginal as seats go.
As our sitting MP, John Woodcock has got a lot right - I may not agree with him but I respect the work he does do for the area,  in a job that must take its toll on even the most hardy of souls. He also has a responsibility to do all that he can to ensure Labour wins the election(he is a Labour MP after all), not for the haves such as those employed in all manner of jobs in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, but for the have nots. Those made redundant,  those who have had their Disability Benefits slashed due to grossly unfair cuts and assessments by box ticking bureaucrats, those who depend on the Food Bank or Community kitchen to feed their families.
They say you can judge humanity by how we treat those at rock bottom, and as a country we are failing miserably. This is Great Britain in 2017.
This brings me on to my point. Stick with me. John Woodcock, the sitting Labour MP is asking us to vote for him, but is also saying that this is not necessarily a vote for Jeremy Corbyn. The argument is beyond belief - "vote for me and you might get Corbyn as PM, but I can't support him as PM." 
Elections are not about individuals,  it is about researching which parties policies resonate with you, and ticking a box accordingly. The Labour party will outlive both Corbyn and Woodcock and in that sense individuals do not matter one jot. They will be but lines in a history book in the future.
The message I'd like to put across to John Woodcock is this - you may not like Jeremy Corbyn, you might not like his attitude and you might not like him as a man; But the Labour party has its policies, same as the Conservatives and all the others. That's what I want to hear about. I want to know what you and Simon Fell are going to do for me,  and for those less fortunate.
Please, let's all of us, whatever persuasion, let's campaign on the policies, let's shout about our respective manifestos. Those folk visiting the Food Banks and community kitchen have bigger problems and deserve more than playground politics. They deserve so much better than this.

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