Money raised by fund-raising Barrow fan helps Fans buy 10% stake in Barrow AFC

A fund-raising  Bluebird’s fan set off hitchhiking from Ulverston  to Germany last week has helped raise the £50,000 needed to buy a 10 per cent stake in Barrow AFC.

Trust chairman Steve Herbert travelled to Europe via Harwich and the Hook of Holland last weekend and successfully completed his mission within 24 hours.
His efforts managed to raise the final £8,500 needed to buy a stake in Barrow AFC.
The  Bluebird’s Trust said: “We are delighted to announce to all members that we’ve reached our £50,000 fundraising target and can now proceed with acquiring a 10% stake in Barrow AFC.
It’s impossible to overstate the huge contribution that everybody has made, be that financial or in giving us your time and expertise. This achievement belongs to everybody who has contributed. It has been a true community effort and one in which we should all take huge pride and satisfaction.”
The next step will be a meeting on March 9.
A spokesman added: “In terms of next steps, dialogue has now been opened with the Club with a view to formalising the required legal framework for the Trust’s purchase of the shares.
“Further updates on the timescale for this to take place will be given at the next Bluebirds Trust General Meeting on Saturday 9th March, 11am at The Cross Bar. At this meeting we will also be discussing the way forward for the Trust.
“Our relationship with the club has now fundamentally changed.  While we all believe that change to be a positive one, it would be wrong not to acknowledge that we now have even more of a vested interest in seeing this football club grow and succeed. Our next fundraising initiatives and targets need to be set, and we welcome all voices and opinions to join in that debate at the meeting.
“This is a new era not only for Barrow AFC but for its fan base and the Bluebirds Trust. What we have achieved so far has been incredible, but in many ways it only sets us on a path to much more work ahead.
“We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the meeting on Saturday 9th March to start the next step of this journey.”
Speaking last week Steve said: “The fans have been incredible, considering we only launched the scheme in November.

“It has been such a team effort. We have had contributions from far and near and supporters putting up prizes of their own to encourage share contributions. We have had also had collections, a Race Night and a raffle.

“So many different people have paid in, however the largest number of individual donations after Barrow itself is from Cologne in Germany.”

The link between a group of FC Koln fans and Bluebirds Supporters is well established, beginning after Barrow fan Stu Nichols started attending Bundesliga games in 2014. Last year, one intrepid German fan attended Barrow games into double figures and there were six visitors for the Salford match at Christmas. 15-20 Barrow fans have visited, following FC all over Germany in recent years.

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