4-year-old Amber donates beloved dollies to Dementia sufferers

Wendy Shaw’s kind and thoughtful four-year-old daughter Amber has kindly donated some of her beloved dollies for people who suffer with the dreadful condition Dementia. 

Amber’s mum Wendy, told us the story: “We saw that a lady was collecting dolls for the patients in a local care home, so I spoke to my little one Amber, about how these people like dollies, and how they make these people happy. I have worked in care homes with these wonderful people who suffer from this awful condition, so I knew how to speak to Amber about it without confusing her.

“On returning home, Amber promptly chose some of her favourite dollies and decided to donate them. 

Amber said to me: 'I want to make these people happy and help them.'

"I feel it’s important for her to understand the way of the world, and her doing this selfless act of kindness makes us ever so proud. 

"We feel even at four years old, a little recognition for her will definitely not go un-noticed and will make her so happy."

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