Roxy Cinema in Ulverston up for sale for £195,000

Ulverston’s iconic 80-year-old cinema and home of the world famous Laurel and Hardy museum is up for sale for £195,000.

The  art-deco style Roxy on Brogden Street is steeped in history and has hosted illustrious orchestras, top ballet troupes and theatre since it opened its doors in 1937.
Last month stars of the Stan and Ollie film - comedian Steve Coogan and Hollywood actor John C Reilly - told The BBC’s One Show how they had visited the museum and stayed in Ulverston when the film's director fell ill and filming was canceled for a week.

They said visiting the unique museum and seeing the displays really gave them a feel for the characters and Steve returned for the  film’s official premier in Ulverston, where Stan Laurel was born.
The venue is described by estate agents Corrie and Co as a “unique opportunity to purchase this prominent and substantial freehold commercial premises. Currently occupied by the local cinema, fitness gym and the Laurel and Hardy museum. Excellent central location fronting the A590 arterial road.”
The museum started life as one man’s collection stemming from his lifelong love of ‘the boys’. Starting out as a few scrapbooks of photos, the collection grew over time until it filled one small room with pictures covering all the walls and even the ceiling.

As the collection grew, Bill Cubin researched more about the lives of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy and found that Stan had not been born in North Shields, as was widely thought at the time, but his grandparent’s house in Ulverston. In 1976, as mayor of the town, Bill uncovered the proof he was looking for, a birth certificate stating that Arthur Stanley Jefferson (Stan changed his name in 1931) was born in Foundry Cottages, now named Argyll Street.

The collection kept growing and Bill found others who shared his interest, resulting in the occasional private showing. These proved popular and he opened his quirky little room up more and more until an official opening was arranged in 1983, the ribbon being cut by Jeffrey Holland of Hi-Dee-HI fame.

While the collection grew, the space didn’t until 1992 when Nico Morits won a Dutch TV quiz and donated his winnings which enabled the museum to open an extension, this time securing Bella Emberg from the then popular Russ Abbott show.

Bill died in 1997 but the museum continued, being run first by his daughter Marion and now his grandson Mark.

They moved to their current site at the Roxy cinema in 2009.

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