Scrumptious pancakes available from the Bob In Cafe in Barrow

HuddleHub were invited to the Bob In Cafe in Barrow this morning to try their scrumptious pancakes, ahead of Pancake Day tomorrow. 

To start with we had a pile of pancakes that we covered in sugar, lemon juice and maple syrup, they were delicious!

Available for tomorrow only, you can get 3 pancakes with fresh lemons and sugar for only £1.50.

Pots of Nutella chocolate and Maple Syrup are available for an extra 50p each. 

We filmed Daphne making a lemon and maple syrup pancake for us...

Not for the faint hearted... The 'Ultimate Nutella Pancake' - 3 layers of pancakes filled with Nutella, Fresh Cream, Small Marshmallows, After Eights, Maple Syrup and covered in Chocolate Sprinkles.

HuddleHub created this masterpiece this morning, but to be honest we only managed to eat half, and took the other half back to the office, it was amazing!!

Daphne and the Bob In team will make you an 'Ultimate Nutella Pancake' tomorrow on request for only £4. 

We have to admit, whilst we were waiting for the pancakes to arrive, our tongues were tingling whilst looking at the special boards, full of delicious meals, we had to take a picture, there was too many for us to remember! We really wanted to try the garlic potatoes with home cooked roast ham, luckily the pancakes arrived and took our minds off the specials.

Everyday Daphne, Bob and the team make lots of different specials, it is worth popping in as everyday it is a yummy surprise!

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