Chill out time for both babies and parents at new massage and yoga classes

Being a parent can be a stressful time for many people, but the new local baby massage and yoga classes are designed to help not only baby, but mums and dads too.

The friendly classes encourage sharing experiences whilst getting to know your baby on a deeper level.

YoBambino was set up in January 2017,  by Katrina Dodd. Being a single parent, Katrina was struggling with working long hours in her job role and wanted to do something where she was more in control and could spend more time with her daughter, Matilda. 
Originally from Barrow-in-Furness, Katrina grew up in Dalton and after sixth form she went to university, then travelled the world for a year.  

After moving down South and working as a room leader in a day nursery, Katrina then worked on cruise ships in the kids clubs, but decided to come back to Furness when she found out she was expecting Matilda as she wanted to be closer to her family support network. 
There are many benefits for both baby and parents in attending a baby massage or baby yoga class. For baby it could improve sleep patterns, relieve colic, wind and constipation or help with flexibility. Both classes stimulate baby’s neurological development, through both song and movement. For parents, having skin to skin contact with baby is really important for securing attachment, it helps baby to feel safe. Parents are encouraged to listen to babies cues and not to worry about crying as it is how babies communicate with us. Most babies will cry and it is normal. 
Parents have the opportunity to socialise in class, talking to the other mums / dads / grandparents this is really important, whether you have had a really bad night and are coping on 2 hours sleep, if they are teething, maybe they are going for their injections and you're really nervous. Hearing from the other parents can really settle your mind and make you realise that the stage your baby is currently going through is perfectly normal. With classes being held in Barrow, Dalton, Ulverston and Arnside it’s definitely worth checking out YoBambino’s Facebook page to find out times and venues.
YoBambino hope to be able to offer more classes in the future. Katrina is introducing a number of different yoga classes for different age groups throughout 2018 - Yoga Movers (for those crawling and walking), Yoga Tots (for those aged 2-3 years) and family yoga (to do altogether). Classes are also to be developed to help school age children deal with stress.
Katrina enjoys running her own business, it has opened up so many possibilities for her and she feels less stressed now she can spend more quality time with her daughter Matilda.

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