ENZO: He Who Dares, Despite Down Syndrome

I should begin by thanking HuddleHub for inviting me to write a blog on the trials and tribulations, the triumphs and the stumbles of a wonderful child embracing his life to the max regardless of his 1 extra chromosome.

My name is Kerry Wilkinson and I have a young boy of the age of 10 called Enzo-Ty Wilkinson and he has Trisomy 21, also known as Down Syndrome.

The aim of this article is to inspire young children with a disability, to educate the individuals on the true facts of living with a learning disability and to just share with you how amazing it is to be the mum of our perfect little God given miracles like Enzo.

For this to be a blog that's useful, I have decide to share the aspects about Enzo’s life that are real life, from the magical moments where I see him braving the stage singing at the Barrow Christmas light switch on, to the moments where I have to grit my teeth and breathe when he decides to mentally and physically switch off, and not come down the stairs 5 minutes before the school bell is due to ring.

I could write pages and pages of years of achievements and moods, but here’s where we’re at now.

Enzo is thriving at his school St Columbas, on Walney, and is due to leave this summer for his next huge venture, secondary school.

He now has a little sister called Faith Olivia age 3 and a step brother and sister Tylor and Tallulah.

Every week Enzo attends his favourite activity, singing and drumming lessons at South Lakes School of Rock, they are amazing at meeting all of Enzo’s needs and he performs on stage twice a year in their big show at the Forum in Barrow.

I could continue on Enzo’s life story for weeks, so I’ll end this blog for today by telling you what I tell Enzo at least 10 times a week “There is no such word as CAN’T. You can achieve anything you put your mind to”

I hope you will enjoy reading our diaries over the coming weeks, as we take the next steps in the life of Enzo and his wonderful journey.

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