A former Barrow AFC player and local DJ living in the US give their views on President Trump

A FORMER Bluebird’s player and a Barrow DJ living in the US think Donald Trump is bad news for America and will tear it apart.

Ian Burgess, 46, who played for Barrow AFC in the 90’s had his first ever vote this year and was fully behind Hillary Clinton saying Trump craves attention and will grab it in any way he can and is treating the Presidency as a “game show.”

The dad-of-two, lives in the US town of Hampton, New Hampshire, and is the chief operating officer and vice president of the semi-professional Seacoast United.
Ian's daughter Laura with Hilary Clinton.

The FA Trophy-winning winger said: “Every news channel for the last 18 months has started with Trump drama and then weather. Trump has always craved attention and will do it through any means.  

“To be honest, this was my first chance to vote in a general election since becoming a citizen and would of followed the debates anyway. However, he had me glued to news channels and even POTUS (political channel in my car radio).  

“I said for 18 months that there is no way he could make it past the primaries – and then absolutely no chance he would be elected.  Still astonished.“

Ian added that he worked with  a number of internationals and ex-pats, as well as others around New England and not one has ever had a kind word for Trump.

Ian added: “He has jumped straight into the presidency and implemented numerous executive orders, something that he condemned Obama for doing towards the end of his tenure.  

“I truly do not know who is pulling his strings, or if he is treating it like a “game show”.

“He does not appear very intelligent , in fact I would say he is an idiot, although he is where he is.  With his lack of experience in diplomacy and world affairs, he has many people extremely worried.

“I actually believe that Trump will backfire even worse on the Republican party, as he isn’t just dividing a country, he is tearing it apart.  It won’t be long before the two parties join along some partisan plane and join forces to prevent him from moving forward with any further radical decisions. 

Although I was wrong with the general election, I would bet a lot of money he is a “four years and out” presidency - assuming he lasts four years.”

Ian added how those who voted for him have gone very quiet and the ones who didn’t, or didn’t vote at all, are devastated he is in office.

“I believe his making executive orders against women’s right to choose and defunding planned parenthood are a true cause for marches.  However, I would argue that the marches the day after inauguration would have been better suited and had more effect on the political outcome if they were done before the general election.  These people should of got out to vote and encouraged others.  We all knew he was a narcissistic, bigoted racist before we hit the polls.  It’s too late for now, as the man clearly doesn’t listen to reason.

“The media is probably even worse over here for sensationalizing everything.  We have very little mainstream media that reports on news – without bias and opinion.  I actually believe he will do better for the UK after Brexit, as he will be open for trade etc.  I imagine most UK residents see what he does and says and are worried about world instability, as well as affecting NATO and global trade.  Hopefully he learns the world is much bigger than his golden towers.  I believe he didn’t want the job to begin with.  He has never cared about other people in his entire life – I can’t see it happening now.

Mark Pharoah, 40, has lived in the US for the last 14 months so was unable to vote as he is applying for citizenship.

The well-known Barrow DJ said: “ I tried my best to remain subjective during the presidential campaign and in all honesty I wouldn't have been happy with either candidate Hillary or Trump. It was Bernie Sanders who struck me as being more empathetic and sincere to the nation although many saw his idealistic hopes and dreams impossible to achieve. So Trump became President, Hillary fell to the wayside surrounded by accusations of corruption. I knew whoever became President it would divide a whole country and with Trumps triumph this is exactly what it seems to have done, just like it did in the UK with Brexit.

“So do I think Trump is a monster, or a saint. At the moment I don't fully know the answer to that question. Do I think he offends people? Yes, he does. Do I think all his actions are right? No I don't. I personally think he lacks civility and respect but I don't think those that voted for him care too much about that. They want to see him make America great again. By alienating groups based on ethnicity and religion ?

“We live in a very sensitive time where a personal attack on a certain group of people sends a ripple effect through a whole nation. I feel I'm torn in the middle somewhere hoping that positive results will soon materialise but also not knowing if I can trust this guy. I thought him not being a politician would help. It's extremely difficult when media bias and distortion gets in the way to really know what's really happening.

“Personally I think it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better and I say better because I want to try to positive. I like many others would like to be proved wrong about him. I've learned to become extremely sceptical of anyone involved in politics.

“I want all my friends to be treated fairly with respect and civility regardless of race, gender, religion or sexuality. That is what is most important to me. So far I'm not impressed to say the least.

Catch Mark’s US radio show Super Soul Fried Disco once a month on D3EP Radio Network www.d3ep.com

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