Local amateur boxing group ask community for £75,000 help

A 62-year-old amateur fight club which has kept kids off the streets and reduced anti-social behaviour is under threat.

The Lyceum Hall building, which houses the Furness Catholic Amateur Boxing Club, is up for sale for offers in the region of £70,000.

Based on Dalkeith Street, Barrow, it was founded in 1957 by the late Pat Ryan and has taught many generations the art of boxing along with dedication, discipline and respect.

Pat’s Gym has been a big part of the town for many years and they are hoping the community will pull together and help them keep going and have so far raised £882 of their £75,000 goal.

The club has been an outlet for hundreds of young people over the years and helped reduce anti-social behaviour by giving young people a safe environment to learn the thrills of amateur boxing.

The club is currently run by Pat’s sons Michael and Gary and grandson Paul, on a voluntary basis, as he works full-time.

Pat’s late sons Kevin Ryan, North West Boxing Region president and referee, along with Sean Ryan were a both a major influence on the club over the years. 

It is very well attended, with over 20 young and 20 adult boxers, both male and female, attending on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights.

A club spokesperson said: “We are a not for profit organisation and have never charged anyone coming through the doors of the gym, taking boxers to contests, championships and even abroad at no cost to the boxers."

“The only fundraising the club receives is the revenue generated from our annual boxing dinner show and through charitable donations from our work in the community and in schools. Money is reinvested back into the club by replacing equipment and paying fees which keep the club free for all to attend."

Due to a change in circumstances, the building we currently occupy is now up for sale."

“As a not for profit organisation, this means that purchase of the premises is required. This will be at a substantial increase in cost to the rental the club currently pay and if this is not possible, funds will be needed to secure alternative premises again at a much higher rate than we are currently paying."

“The new premises, whether current or new, will need further work doing to ensure it complies with England Boxing standards, health and safely and most importantly, a safe, secure environment for our members."

“I’m sure every family in the local area has, or knows someone, who has attended our club over the years and we hope that support from the local community and businesses will help us carry on our work."

“Any donations made will help us in securing long term premises for the club, which in turn will enable us to continue our work in the Barrow and Furness communities, keeping kids of the street and channelling energy into sport, health and fitness.”

They have set up a Go Fund Me fundraising account and if you want to help them club you can click and dominated here: https://www.gofundme.com/furness-catholic-boxing-club-secure-our-future?fbclid=IwAR3VM_fQCsLUr8W1TCQ_xJMyfFqAUv7c-EBESRpyoPophWoUpbCImZfnSCY

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