Barrow horse lover pleads for people to stop feeding apples to her animals

A Barrow horse lover is asking people to stop feeding her poorly animal apples as it’s making the illness worse.

Shannon Snow is at her wits end and has now installed CCTV to catch the culprits who will be have to cough up for the vet bills.

She said: “We have put up a few polite signs next to our field gate and along the side fence at the bottom of Leece Lane/Holbeck Park Ave with currently three horses on.

“One of which is now needing veterinary care because the sinuses are infected. You can see the green snot coming out of one of my horses nostrils? This is choke.”

Choke is the equine equivalent of getting a fishbone lodged in your throat. Food gets stuck somewhere between the mouth and stomach within the gullet or oesophagus

Horses with choke are in an acutely distressed state, coughing and spluttering. Sometimes, food and saliva pour from their mouth and nose as profuse green slime.

Feeding them can hamper their recovery and make them worse.

Shannon added: ““We are politely asking people not to feed the horses apples or small pieces, whole carrots are fine.

“Windfalls are the worst culprit and brought to my field in large quantities.

“CCTV is now in action, so here’s the warning to those that have never owned horses yet still seem to know better.

“If it happens again, you will be seen/recorded by the hidden cameras and the vet bill will be at your door.

“Please stop.”

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