Jessica Dandy… from Barrow to Bach.

Here in Barrow we’ve always been proud of our ‘Famous Locals’. 

From seeing Emlyn Hughes giving Princess Anne a hug on telly to Willie Horne picking up the Challenge Cup. We follow it all with pride in our own stars and now we’ve added culture to our list of honours with our very own Jessica Dandy who, after growing up in Barrow, has gone on to conquer the world of classical singing with her musical talents.

Jessica, the daughter of Jeff  and Jane Dandy, well known for owning local furniture store Dandy’s Ltd are understandably very proud of their daughter’s achievements and regularly attend her performances. 

Jess’s next performance commenced, 10th January until 13th January, and is with Thomas Hampson. A weekend dedicated to Schubert at Pierre Boulez Saal in Berlin.

Jess also performs Verdi Requiem  in Switzerland later this month with the Monteverdi Choir with the Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich,  Tonhalle Maag Halle, Zurich, Switzerland.

Let’s hope that Jess goes on to hit all the right notes and continues to wow the classical world with her magical voice.

You can watch more of Jessica's videos here:


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