Jail for disqualified teen driver who sped away through residential area at 70mph

A disqualified driver who sped away from police, hitting speeds of 70mph in a residential area, has been jailed for 14 months.

Steven Paul Kidd, 19, of Oaklands Drive, Carlisle, was jailed on Monday (29 Jan) after admitting charges of dangerous driving, driving whilst disqualified and driving without insurance.
On Christmas Eve last year, an officer in a patrol car pulled up behind Kidd as he was driving a silver Vauxhall Vectra.
Kidd sped away from the officer who was forced to cancel the pursuit due to the speed and manner of driving in a residential area.
A second officer located the Vectra later the same evening at an address in Maryport Court. After tracking down private CCTV footage, the officer was able to show this was the car from the earlier fail-to-stop incident.
The officer was also able to successfully identify Kidd from the footage.
Kidd was subsequently arrested but refused to answer any questions during his police interview.
However, he admitted the offences at court.
Sergeant Claire Sampson said: “Kidd’s reckless driving through residential streets could have ended in disaster.
“Had a pedestrian stepped into the road, Kidd would have had absolutely no chance to avoid a collision due to the speed and nature of his driving.
“He knew when he got behind the wheel that he was disqualified from driving so took the decision to speed away from police officers.
“Our officers made the correct decision in calling off the pursuit in order to protect life. However, officers did not give up, continued to seek out the driver responsible and it is their fine work which saw Kidd put before a court.”

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