Drugs dogs used in Workington town centre operation

Officers, with the help of specialist drugs dogs, carried out an operation in Workington town centre on Saturday night (27 Jan).

The operation focused on the town centre and the Wilson Street area.

The two drugs dogs were used to sniff out suspected drug possession and indicated on four individuals - three men aged 30, 20 and 18 and a woman aged 22.

The suspected drugs were seized and the details of those in possession were taken.

After being sent for preliminary testing, three of the drugs were found to be types of illegal amphetamines whilst the fourth is suspected of being some kind of plant food-based drug.

Those in possession of the substances will be interviewed at a later date.
Inspector Rachel Gale said: “Tackling drug taking in Workington town centre – not just during the evening hours but day-time as well - is a priority for officers in West Cumbria and our partners.

“Saturday’s event will not be a one-off. We already have plans for more such operations – both during day and night hours - aimed at identifying those who come into the town centre to take illegal drugs and those responsible for their supply.”

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