Residents asked to name and shame irresponsible dog owners

A CAMPAIGN to crack down on irresponsible dog owners has stepped up a gear.

HuddleHub reported last week how fed up Askam and Ireleth residents were sick up of having to scrape dog poo off shoes and pram wheels.

They hung posters across the villages telling dog walkers to clean up after themselves and even set up a page on social media called "Pick up your S*** or be Facebook Hit” which has 108 members so far.

Last week one frustrated local even attached the phone number and address of one dog owner to the poo their pooch had left.

Now homes have been leafleted with a “name and shame” form asking for locations, times and dog owner’s details if known, backed by Barrow Borough Council.

Issues with dog faeces has been a problem in Askam and Ireleth for years but now locals are fighting back.

A local spokesperson said last week that the number of complaints about dog poo in the village was on the up.

They said: “It is the LAW to clean up after your dog and Askam/Ireleth has close to 30 public bins.

"There is NO excuse. Dog poo contains all kinds of bacteria which can cause serious illness not to mention the smell and feeling of disgust when you step in some poo. Come on,pick it up and report anyone who isn't."

If you want to report someone in Askam or Ireleth or anywhere else in the borough call the council’s Dog Fouling Hotline on 01229 876487.


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